Bronze Sculpture of Elephant Elephant Tusker
Height 37cm Bronze sculpture of leopard Bronze sculpture of Leopard and Baboon at battle Lazy Leopard
Height 53cm Width 60 cm Leopard and Baboon
Height 17cm, tail to tail 4cm Bronze Sculpture of Cheetahs, Hunting Pair Cheetah Family
Height 37cm
Width 60 x 35cm Cheetahs, Hunting Pair
Height 48cm, Length 96cm Bronze Sculpture of single Vigilant Cheetah Vigilant Cheetah
Height 40cm Bronze Sculpture, Rhino and Calf Gorilla
Height 29cm, Width 35cm x 18cm Wildebeest, The Great Migration
Height 54cm, Length 83cm Rhino and Calf
Height 27cm, Width 40cm x 18cm Bronze Sculpture Springbok herd Lions, The Borthers Springbok herd
Height 45cm. Width 43cm Vultures, feeding Lions, Brothers
Height 38cm More Wildlife Back to Gallery
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