How to Fix A Broken Bronze Sculpture

How to Fix A Broken Bronze Sculpture

How do I fix it? Before we get to certain techniques a vital thing people neglect to research prior to trying to fix their bronze sculpture is if it’s created of actual bronze. There are a whole lot of impersonators out there, so let us begin by analyzing your sculpture, artwork, or statue to determine if it is the actual deal:

Cold Cast or Bonded Bronze Sculpture

This is a substance made by mixing bronze powder and powder. By way of instance, you could contemplate a true bronze sculpture or statue and find a 6- to 10-pound reading. A bonded bronze variant will weigh in at just 2–3 lbs. Difference!

And if the bit has really broken off, it is likely that it is not pure bronze. Cold cast/bonded bronze is much more fragile and can be broken a lot more readily than bronze. When it happens, you are going to see a whitish inside, maybe with little flecks based on how it was created.


While iron packs a great deal of weight and may generate a ring, there’s a simple way to tell whether a statue or sculpture is iron: magnets. Only hold up a magnet to the item, if it sticks, then you have got iron! If it does not, you have got bronze (or any other non-ferric substance ).

Another simple way to spot a iron statue would be when there are any tiny patches of rust. Bronze doesn’t comprise any oxidizing metals and won’t rust and rust. That is the reason it continues tens of thousands of years.


Adding direct produces a metal that’s occasionally employed for non invasive sculpture. Spelter is generally a whitish colour, rather than the warm red yellow of Superior bronze

Proceed to The Source

Outside of the evaluations mentioned above, you can always find out more about the sculptor; their estate will be aware of what substance their sculpture is constructed from.

Start looking for the sculptor’s ribbon or ribbon on the sculpture. Frequently it’ll be found within a place which isn’t clear. I place mine at which it does not disrupt my sculptural lines and remove from this piece. The more info you can see, the better.

Fixing the Metal

As soon as you know that you have got a bronze, it is time to check out fix choices.

Repairs on a bronze sculpture or statue can be complicated. You will want to discover a craftsman familiarized with”chasing” bronze sculptures who will perform a clean job and also fit with the first appearance. This provides you a robust and lasting fix.

The drawback, however, is the patina –or complete onto the sculpture — will probably be ruined in the procedure. We are going to discuss that soon.

Strong adhesives are just another substitute way of minor damage. On the flip side, using such a bonding strategy makes it possible for the fix to be reversed if that be an issue.

Fixing the Patina

Working on a fix is rather different from working with a fresh slice. A fix might be hidden in case you’ve got a capable patineur able to combine the new with the aged.

Following a weld repair, a expert patinuer will try to match the key coloration of this piece utilizing paints or chemicals. The character of the fix is based upon the elements of the first patina, the era of the patina, along with the surroundings the sculpture was residing in.

For smaller pieces, the first patina could be removed completely by sandblasting it by little glass beads. This does minimum harm to the sculpture and supplies a fresh canvas to get a brand new patina.

This method does not take under account archival concerns, and also the necessity to carry on the piece as far as you can. If that’s a consideration, you’re going to want a professional in archival fix. Be clear on what your goal is when using a bit fixed. It is likely that the family heirloom tells a more comprehensive narrative using a scratch or 2, a darkened patina, or even cut off stains; they are all part of the sculpture’s travel.

(Notice that in case you have a cold-cast bronze, then there are a few substances designed especially to work with this particular substance )

Wrapping It Up

Bronze is an incredibly durable and gorgeous metal that has given art fans pleasure for centuries. Whether you’ve got a modern bronze statue or a classic, it may be truly have a high financial in addition to private price. If your bronze statue or sculpture was damaged, think about taking it to a community specialist to help get it back how that you like it!